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We focus on simplifying the transaction process by integrating seamlessly
into Shopify, Square, Wix, WooCommerce, and many more.

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Our fully integrated
product suite

Pinwheel’s platform offers its merchants a robust suite of payment products. Features such as subscription billing, cryptocurrency, and automated fraud tools, empower merchants to manage their revenue, cultivate their customer base, and securely build their business.

  • Subscription Billing
    Fully synchronize products
    from your e-commerce store
    with a push of a button.
  • Hosted Payment Page
    Our hosted payment page
    can take care of the entire
    transaction process.
  • Apple Pay
    A fast friction-free checkout
    that boosts conversion rates
    and user adoption.
  • Fraud Shield
    Automate the fraud
    prevention process and
    reduce revenue loss.
    Look professional with
    invoice templates fully
    branded for your business.
  • Introducing our New
    Bankful API Service
    Bespoke solutions built for
    merchant transactions and payment
    processing. We provide an online
    programming interface that is fast,
    simple, and secure.

We are a
payment engine

  • "Shopify recommended Pinwheel and they ended up making the process so easy, it took no time at all! I love that you can customize your checkout, so customers feel confident when entering their payment information."


  • "I was really excited to finally be able to accept crypto for my classes and courses on my Wix site. I got on a call with Pinwheel's sales manager, and he walked me through the whole setup, step-by-step. Such a great experience. And now I accept Bitcoin!"


  • "I want to thank the team for getting my store integrated with Pinwheel. I am now able to sell CBD skincare through my website and I am just thrilled!!"


Feature Rich, Not Feature Dense.

We empower you with solid, useful tools, not unnecessary features you'll never use.

Develop Your Store On Your Terms

Customize your payment solutions and provide your customers with an experience you define.

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require "pinwheel"
Pinwheel.api_key = "..."

  :amount => 2000,
  :currency => "eur",
  :source => "tok_mastercard", # obtained with pinwheel.js
  :description => "Charge for [email protected]"
import pinwheel
pinwheel.api_key = "..."

  source="tok_amex", # obtained with pinwheel.js
  description="Charge for [email protected]"
var pinwheel = require("pinwheel")(

  amount: 2000,
  currency: "eur",
  source: "tok_visa", // obtained with Pinwheel.js
  description: "Charge for [email protected]"
}, function(err, charge) {
  // asynchronously called
pinwheel.Key = "..."

chargeParams := &pinwheel.ChargeParams{
  Amount: 2000,
  Currency: "eur",
  Desc: "Charge for [email protected]",

// obtained with pinwheel.js
ch, err := charge.New(chargeParams)

Growing Support Daily

We support most major technologies out of the box, with more support for new languages and frameworks being developed actively. Our engineers work hard to ensure you can create a payment process that works for your store, on your terms, and using your technology stack.

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