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Test Drive Our Gateway

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Payment Technology That Empowers
Omni Channel Merchants

Our technology allows merchants to manage Global Payments across a single platform. We focus on simplifying the transaction process with frictionless fraud prevention. Generate more sales with automation features, workflows, and reporting.

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Feature Rich. Not Feature Dense

We empower you with solid, useful tools, not unecessary features you'll never use.

Craft Payment Experiences

Your customers are important to your business. Provide them with the best experience possible by taking the complexity out of the payment process.

Stop Fighting Your Bottom Line

With 3D Secure and our full suite of fraud tools, you can stop wrestling to keep your revenue from being eroded by fraudsters.

Pinwheel features are growing and expanding over time. Don't forget to keep in touch and watch our Roadmap for more information.

A Support Staff That Works

While other providers have a hands off approach to their support pipeline, we enjoy taking care of you. Our support staff is on hand whenever you need us.

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Find the right solution for your business, and the right partner to provide that solution.

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Accept Payments in Almost Any Format

Pinwheel is integrated with most major payment providers and the list is always growing. Accept most major payment types. Customers need an alternative payment solution? There's a good chance we can facilitate your (and your customer's) needs.

Visa, MasterCard, and Amex

Most of your customers are going to use one of the three major credit card providers, or debit cards that are issued through Visa. Accept all major card types and offer your customers the easiest way to pay.

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Reports that Work for You

Reporting is about data and feedback. It's also the way you keep track of how your business is doing. Pinwheel's reporting is based on need and requirement, rather than overwhelming amounts of data. We provide you with the tools you need to produce the reports that are useful to you, and leave out the information that doesn't matter.

Mobile Payments

Our engineers can integrate with most mobile payment solutions, and we can even provide custom payment solutions for your specific business needs. Do you have mobile payment requirements? We've got a solution that will work for your Android or iPhone application.

One payment platform, infinite possibilities


Drupal Commerce, WooCommerce, or Magento? No Problem. We can integrate with most carts.


Need to accept payments at your brick and mortar store? We can provide you with a POS system.

Phone Sales

Do you need to take orders over the phone? We have a virtual terminal for that can help.

Develop Your Store On Your Terms

Customize your payment solutions and provide your customers with an experience you define.

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require "pinwheel"
Pinwheel.api_key = "..."

  :amount => 2000,
  :currency => "eur",
  :source => "tok_mastercard", # obtained with pinwheel.js
  :description => "Charge for hello@thomascullen.io"
import pinwheel
pinwheel.api_key = "..."

  source="tok_amex", # obtained with pinwheel.js
  description="Charge for madison.wilson@example.com"
var pinwheel = require("pinwheel")(

  amount: 2000,
  currency: "eur",
  source: "tok_visa", // obtained with Pinwheel.js
  description: "Charge for jayden.martinez@example.com"
}, function(err, charge) {
  // asynchronously called
pinwheel.Key = "..."

chargeParams := &pinwheel.ChargeParams{
  Amount: 2000,
  Currency: "eur",
  Desc: "Charge for benjamin.wilson@example.com",

// obtained with pinwheel.js
ch, err := charge.New(chargeParams)

Growing Support Daily

We support most major technologies out of the box, with more support for new languages and frameworks being developed actively. Our engineers work hard to ensure you can create a payment process that works for your store, on your terms, and using your technology stack.

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