A global solution

Get your choice of funds in over 120 fiat currencies, as well as in US dollars.

Merchants don’t need to stress about market fluctuation, because the BTC to fiat exchange rate is secured the moment the sale takes place.

Why accept Bitcoin?

Save Money & Lower Fees

By using cryptocurrency, you don’t have to worry about paying exorbitant fees. Crypto cuts out the middle-men and keeps costs low.

Quick Transactions

Traditional crypto processing can be slow, but our crypto processing solution offers miners incentive to maintain one of the fastest networks in the digital economy.

Ultimate Security

Cryptocurrency is powerful because it operates on a decentralized network, making it the most secure payment system in the world. Unlike the credit card system, it is impossible for a customer to chargeback a transaction, eliminating loss of revenue.

Join the Crypto economy

As an international currency, cryptocurrency is not bound by location. Again, no foreign transaction fees or exchange rates to worry about. Merchants can accept cryptocurrency payments from anywhere around the globe.

What supporting documents are required?

Applying is simple with our no fuss online application. The supporting documents to begin processing with Pinwheel are not extensive. See our list below.

  • Copy of passport or ID
  • Corporate documents
  • One month of business bank statements if available
  • Bank letter or confirmation of deposit bank information showing business name, IBAN or Swift information

Crypto is available to every Pinwheel merchant.

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