Increase your payment options

eCheck Plus facilitates secure funding, has fewer restrictions than ACH, and is quickly becoming the go-to solution for merchants looking to include additional payment options for their customers.

Streamline your check processing

Advanced verification tools validate customer funds and account authenticity in real-time. eCheck Plus allows users to send invoices through email and receive funds directly to their bank account. Other features include bulk upload, recurring billing, signature capture and document recognition.

Authentication in an instant

With our Plaid integration, you can instantly authenticate bank accounts for payments. Retrieve account and routing numbers when your customers connect their checking or savings accounts using bank credentials.

Accelerate your cash flow

eCheck Plus facilitates faster funding on a wide variety of checks, including personal, business, government, traveler’s, cashier’s certified and money orders. This flexibility makes remote deposit capture ideal for a range of sales environments.

eCheck Plus is available to every Pinwheel merchant located in the U.S.

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