Configure your customer's experience

Choose from pre-made themes and customize them to match the styling of your e-commerce store; set a timer so that your customers are automatically redirected back to their cart; set a badge to indicate "free US shipping" or "100% money-back guarantee." We give you options to address your business's needs.

Reduce business expenses with assistance fees

We understand that operational costs, such as processing fees, can be a perpetual problem for a business. With this hosted payment page feature, you can offset a portion or all of that overhead by applying an assistance fee to a customer's purchase. Doing so will reduce your business expenses while still allowing customers their choice of payment type.

Alternative payment methods

Pinwheel offers the option to enable alternative payment methods (APMs) on your payment page. From debit and credit cards to electronic checks and crypto, you can configure which forms of payment to offer your customers.

Seamless checkout experience

Leverage Apple Pay and increase customer acquisition with frictionless checkout. With a high satisfaction rate, Apple Pay drives stickiness as shoppers are more likely to come back.

Built with your brand in mind

The hosted payment page was designed to provide maximum flexibility when designing and creating your layout. You can select from a variety of customization options, such as:

  • Upload and control the dimensions of your brand logo
  • Customize colors so that the checkout reflects your brand palette
  • Change the radius of the form fields and the size of your payment buttons

And many more...

Hosted payment page is available to every Pinwheel merchant.

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